Trusting Your Intuition

This could be considered a follow-up to my blog where I talked about the different contraception I had tried.

While writing it and since writing it, I began to have trouble. The IUD that I thought had settled down became distinctly unsettled. I was having long periods, felt fatigued, washed out, generally grumpy and unwell.

For the past few months I have been saying things like...

"I think my body is punishing me"
"My body hates me"
"My body is trying to get rid of it"
"My uterus is angry"

All that to the outside world must have just seemed like the generic grumbling about the inconvenience of contraception and menstruation. The old 'get on with it' of women's health. This month I decided I had had enough and I wanted it out of my body. The side effects were getting worse, not better as I had hoped. After checking I was definitely, definitely sure and being made swiftly aware I had the most difficult cervix to find in history that required a more experienced doctor.... I heard this

"Oh.... it was on its way out anyway!"

Now I am somebody who teaches women to trust their intuition. For my job. 

I had to laugh. 

I was right.

All the things I had been saying, the gut feelings I was having, I literally SAID my body was trying to get rid of it. And it was. I'd postponed the inevitable for a few months and ignored the words that were coming out of my own mouth.

This was a really important lesson for me to learn and reinforced my beliefs at how in tune women are with their bodies. My body was telling me loud and clear, even as I messed with its natural rhythm and stressed it out and made it angry.

LISTEN to yourself. YOU are the expert.

So I have a new friend coming next week who will hopefully help me regain that attunement and become the peaceful, happier version of myself...

Daysy fertility awareness monitor. Click the picture to find out more - I'll be doing a write up in a few months when I've got to grips with it :)