I Got Rid Of My Services | Mama Bird Doula

So I’ve had a bit of a re-jig and a re-think.

Using social media over the past few weeks to get real, and get more connected.

And what I got back was beautiful.

I love my job. I’m a self-confessed birth geek. And when I tell people what I do, it kind of feels like blurting out a million different specialisms.

While those are great, and I’m super proud of my hard work, I don’t want my services to define me, or define the work that I’ll be doing with you. We are so much more than that. I feel like things have evolved in a way that means we are going deeper into enduring wellness and coping mechanisms for motherhood itself.

I want to create content that totally aligns with my values.

I want to move away from “what I do” and move forward into “who I am”.

Who am I? Somebody who isn’t perfect. I want to tear down these misconceptions that mothers are supposed to have their shit together all the time.

Who am I? I’ve been through hell and back and truly, nothing can phase me.

Who am I? Somebody who believes YOU are the expert, as we work together “unlearning” everything we thought we had to do.

Who am I? Somebody who believes that motherhood can be messy and sacred simultaneously.

Who am I? Somebody who prioritises YOU and YOUR experience.

Who am I? That non-judgmental person who is there to hear YOUR truth.

I want to create strong and long-lasting connections with the amazing women I see around me.

So I’ll be combining everything I’ve learned formally and through experience to give a name to what I’ve been doing all along… motherhood wellness.

I have so much coming that I’m so excited to share with you.

Watch this space.