Babywearing On A Budget | Mama Bird Doula

My passion is making sure babywearing is affordable and accessible for all - sure I love having a try and a feel of high end wraps (fabric geek here) but that's not realistic for everybody.

This Little Frog you can get new or second-hand for under £50 and you know what? It's so comfy and easy to wrap with!

This base size 6 covers all my wrapping needs so you can invest in one and it will last you through your babywearing days at a fantastic cost per use. Invest in your babywearing education, either at a slingmeet or private appointment and wrapping will become second nature.

Remember when you buy new to wash first and then play around with it - make hammocks, play tug of war, sleep with it and you'll end up with a soft wrap that feels like an old pair of jeans.