Thank You For Breastfeeding My Baby | Mama Bird Doula

When women support each other, magical things happen!

I so wanted to do some training with women's aid to be a domestic violence ambassador, as the day drew nearer I expressed some milk for Autumn-Violet but I knew it was largely pointless, as she has never had a bottle!

My wonderful friend Pipi was having the children and I mentioned to her that if she wanted to breastfeed Vi, that was fine by me.

Both the children weren't even bothered when I left and it was with a happy heart I knew they were in loving, capable hands.

At lunch time I could feel myself coming down with a migraine and I rang Pipi to see how the babies were doing. My suspicions were correct, the bottle had been chucked aside, and my darling baby was napping after having familiar vegan breastmilk from her brother's mama.

It meant the world to me that she was able to do this for my baby.

Thank you for breastfeeding my baby.

Thank you for looking after her like your own.

Thank you for giving her comfort when I could not.

Thank you for supporting me to reach my dreams.

Thank you for helping me to help others.

In some Arabic cultures they believe in "milk siblings" where if you have fed another woman's baby they become siblings to your own children, it warms my heart that they are now siblings twice over!