Do I Work Well With Midwives? | Mama Bird Doula

 I was asked today - do I work well with midwives? 


I consider it my job to ensure the birth team is working together effectively. Harmony makes for a smooth labour.

Midwives are often curious about what I do and grateful for the extra pair of hands. They are so overworked they cannot be always in the room for the whole of the labour and it is a weight off their minds to know the mother is being cared for.

I am there to be pleasant and helpful and to facilitate communication, especially as labour gets more established and sometimes I'm the only one the mother can really hear. I can sense what is needed at what stage from everybody and am in tune with the mother's rhythm, so all medical needs can be met in alignment with the birth flow (if that is what the mother wants). I have only had problems once with a medical professional that escalated to them verbally abusing me - contrary to popular belief, it's not my role to cause problems. I would only interject if I believed coercion was happening or an assault was about to take place.

I have been told that my calm presence enabled the other parent to speak up clearly for what they wanted, knowing they had my support.

Because if the midwife is happy and the birth partner is happy, this can only be good for the mother 🙌