The Higher World | Mama Bird Doula

When we were in the higher world

Two souls who had traversed many lifetimes together

We met one day as we were preparing for another adventure--

You looked me earnestly in the eye and told me you wanted to learn about unconditional love.

I smiled as I had been thinking the same thing. We could always read each other's desires.

We made a deal to meet out there, two humans with pain and so much to learn.

An opportunity to grow.

You hurt me, I didn't fight back, the love and the darkness grew and grew like twin forces struggling for dominance. Who would be stronger, which one would win?

Love and hurt and shame forced from my psyche, making me confront years of suffering I had pushed to the side.

Forced out in me a fierce protector that I never knew existed.

Sacrifice. Darkness.

Then, unexpectedly, light.

I don't know how the story ends yet.

My mirror, my twin, the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object.

Our futures entwined.

And we'll meet back there.

In the higher world.

When our work for this lifetime is done.

You'll say, that was a trip!

What shall we do when we go around again?