Choice | Mama Bird

To other people our choices might seem crazy. To one woman an induction for a poorly baby might seem nonsensical, to another waiting for labour to start might seem unimaginable. Who is wrong?

Neither of them are.

Women deserve ALL information. Dismissing valid sources based on personal biases has no place in maternity care. There is no wrong choice. What one person decides is dangerous will be different to another. You have a right to decline care even if it's to the detriment of your health just as you can accept care even if it's to the detriment of your health.

Let us not infantilise women and talk like they need protection from themselves and the big scary internet.

You can make a decision based on top A grade evidence (like only 12% of maternity care guidelines), on the poorest quality study going (bearing in mind some official guidelines don't even have evidence to support them), on the planetary alignments, on what a fortune teller told you, your gut instinct, just how you woke up feeling that day.

I run this page because overwhelmingly women are saying they are NOT satisfied with the information being given to them, or the manner in which it is delivered. Sometimes I wish my job didn't exist at all.It wasn't so long ago delayed cord clamping had a huge evidence base and wasn't standard practice. Current practice is not always best standard. Always research things yourself if it matters to you.



You are intelligent, you are the expert, you are responsible for your body and your baby.