Spiritual Practise | mama bird

Two weeks in quarantine.

First diarrhoea and vomiting and then chicken pox.

I send frustrated messages out to friends and family

Bemoaning the situation.

That I am the only reliable parent.

I am the only parent.

Cancelling commitments and ending screen time restrictions.

At my lowest

I breastfeed while sat in a puddle of sick and as she is heaving she asks for more and more.

Judah starts to feel better and resumes bouncing off the walls.

But we are trapped.

When we are mothers we deny and deny

We wail at the injustice

Sometimes we simply walk away


"I can't do this anymore"

Yet come back to offer the breast again, with a sigh.

This is resignation

This is love

And I am reminded

That most of motherhood

Is a spiritual practise.