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I have completed training with Nurturing Birth and am a Doula UK member.

I have attained the HeCert in Maternity Care (Doula pathway) from Swansea University.

Proud member of the Welsh Doula Network




My husband and I felt she offered a great blend of knowledge and natural empathy
— Previous Client Feedback

Why choose me as your doula?

Choosing a doula is a deeply personal decision and such decisions must be made face to face so that the client and doula can make sure they are a good fit. I have a range of skills to offer women under my care including:

- in depth knowledge of the birth process and how to support you effectively at each stage
- ways to use breathing and relaxation to achieve a calm and positive birth
- massage and rebozo techniques to relieve backache and other symptoms or encourage baby into a good position
- absolute support to empower you to made the decisions about your birth from a place of confidence
- belief in the power of a woman's body to birth her baby
- vast experience working with women during pregnancy and the postnatal period as an antenatal teacher


I have previous experience as a baby massage and development teacher. I am also a babywearing consultant with the School of Babywearing. This means:

- I have comprehensive knowledge of a baby's and mother's needs in those first few weeks after birth.
- I can help you understand how to calm and soothe your baby and recreate womb conditions
- I can help you to use a baby sling to promote closeness and bonding and assist your baby's physical development

Updated Prices for Births in 2019

Standard package - £800

One initial no-obligation chat (30mins-1hr)  where we decide if we are a good fit and you will be able to book me
Two antenatal appointments (2hrs each) to discuss previous history, intentions and birth plan
Four weeks exclusivity (negotiable), where I am on call for you
Once you have notified me I am needed during labour, I will stay with you until your baby has arrived and you are settled and comfortable
One postnatal visit where I can help you debrief the experience, fit a baby sling or simply help around the house.

Individual postnatal doula sessions are £20.00 an hour with a minimum of two hours booked per visit.

Doula services with placenta encapsulation & placenta print - £900