Mama Bird Birth


Written from my years of experience as a sought-after antenatal teacher teaching live-action hypnobirthing and pregnancy movement, fine-tuned through supporting families in the birth space and my research and passion, the Mama Bird Birth course is hypnobirthing for women who want to go deeper into the birth and motherhood transformation. Women who resonate with the spiritual experience that is giving birth.

What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a set of tools and techniques that enable a birthing woman to override her conditioned fear response to labour with trust and confidence.

It is a way for her to surrender to the flow of her birth and all that awaits her while having the security of knowing she can retain an element of control throughout, with her reactions.

Hypnobirthing is suitable for any kind of birth, for any kind of woman who wants a relaxed, calm and positive experience!

Here are some excerpts of birth wisdom from my course:

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The course includes my comprehensive manual detailing all the techniques, my in-person bespoke birth planning support, a digital download of all hypnobirthing mp3s and my own scripts.

There is no other course like this available!

£150 for 6 hours in the comfort of your own home, taught across two sessions.

Please contact me to arrange on 07449810881 or Alternatively you can purchase the course in my shop and I will get in touch with you.