Do you want to make the most and honour your transition to motherhood? I offer different kinds of ceremonies to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Mother Blessings

An alternative to the traditional 'baby shower', a mother blessing honours the transition you are making as a woman as you become a mother for the first time, or welcome another new baby into your family.

The aim of the ceremony is to gather all the important women in your life to nourish you physically and spiritually and mentally prepare you for your birth and this new phase in your life.

Even if I am not your birth doula, I am thrilled to offer the service of facilitating your special day. The pressure of organising should not be on the mother at this time, and having somebody there to take charge can allow you to really engage and get the most from this amazing ceremony.

Your blessing... your way

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What is unique about your baby and your birth? Maybe you would like to dedicate the space where you are birthing your baby.. maybe you would like to be emotionally ready for your planned caesarean? We will meet and discuss what is important to you and what you are hoping to get from the day.


Unlike a baby shower, the focus is not on gifts and games but giving you a meaningful experience that will strengthen and nourish you for the journey ahead..

Positive birth stories

Hands, back and feet massage and hair brushing

Symbolic gift giving, the stringing of beads on a necklace infused with good wishes

Belly casting


The red yarn 'web' to keep you connected even after the day is over

Tea and cake

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Rebirthing/Birth Reclaiming

Sometimes our birth does not go to plan. Sometimes we are left full of regrets and sometimes trauma from the way our child came into the world. This does not mean that we are not grateful for a healthy baby - far from it. But the longing to have had a different experience can linger and affect our ability to move forward as empowered mothers.

I can facilitate a ceremony where you "meet" your baby again, exactly as you wished you had.

Your baby will be placed on you and allowed to 'crawl' up to you like a newborn and have a feed.

This can be a hugely healing experience for both mum and baby.




Some ideas...

Bath/Pool at home

Relaxing music

Flowers in the water


Official naming

Closing the Bones

Coming soon.