The placenta is just amazing! It is how your baby was nourished in the womb. It contains 17 different types of hormones and also regenerative stem cells to balance and heal from within. For me it is the perfect way of completing the transition to motherhood, coming "full circle".

Reported benefits of placenta encapsulation from mothers:

+ Higher Energy
+ Better Mood
+ Increased Milk Supply
+ Improved Recovery
+ Balanced Hormones

- Reduced Bleeding

I am an IPEN-trained placenta specialist. This means I adhere to strict standards of food hygiene and infection control. Take a look at my Placenta Remedies Network profile here.

There are two different methods of encapsulation - simple or steamed. With the steamed method, we use lemon, chilli and ginger to help with grounding and circulation - in this process the capsules are more likely to be calming and aid with postnatal depression. After steaming we dehydrate the placenta and grind it up into capsules.

The simple method is the most nutritious and energising and involves dehydrating the raw placenta and grinding it into capsules.

Both methods have been reported to aid with boosting milk supply.

On receipt of your booking form and £50 deposit I will get a chiller pack to you at least two weeks before your due date. Once I have collected your placenta your capsules will be returned to you within 72 hours to assist in breastfeeding and low mood due to hormonal changes.

Encapsulation £180
Placenta Print £10
Tincture £70 (£45 when ordered with capsules)

15% discount for existing clients

Sat up feeding O, who was six weeks yesterday, tired but happy. Six weeks doesn’t sound like a long time but to have fed him for all that time means everything to me. I think having you to encapsulate my placenta has hugely helped get us here. Thank you!
Jenny did such a fab job & have really felt the benefits of taking the supplements. I would absolutely recommend her services for any pregnant ladies out there!