The Village Slings is a community sling library in Caerphilly run by myself and Samantha Gadsden.

There are few things more wonderful than caring for your baby's immediate need - to be held and loved - while simultaneously being hands-free to do the things you need to get done. If we consider the 4th trimester, your newborn baby's transition to life outside the womb, their need to be held in tightly next to your warmth and heartbeat is easy to understand. If your baby's needs are met in this way it will lead them to be happier, more secure children. Not only is babywearing great for you, it is also a fantastic way to help your baby's emotional and physical development. The movement of your body as you walk and bend helps your baby's vestibular development; that is, their balance and co-ordination and head control 

Babywearing can seem daunting at first but once you know how it can be as easy as tying your shoelaces. Every mum and baby is different, and your carrier choices will change and adapt as your child grows. I can testify that with the right carrier, carrying your child well into toddlerhood is achievable and so much easier than trying to keep track of toddler and buggy at the same time! 

My wish is for all mums to have the confidence and ability to wear their babies in a carrier or sling. There is no substitute for real life help to show you the tricks and techniques to get a comfortable, snug fit. I offer one-to-one consultations at your home where we can try lots of different options and leave you feeling confident and happy. Babywearing is a skill for life.

I run a weekly slingmeet at The Village Pregnancy & Parenting Group where you can hire from my extensive sling library and get my trained support in person.

Contact 07449810881 or email