why is carrying your baby in a sling or carrier so beneficial?

when a baby is born, they are unable to do anything for themselves. they rely on us to feed them, change them, keep them warm and love them. developmentally speaking, we are born a lot earlier than other mammals and need to complete our development in the arms of a caregiver.

our busy lifestyles means sometimes we are not able to carry our baby in our arms all the time, so a sling or carrier is a perfect substitute for this. as you carry your baby, they are getting the emotional security of you being near, your familiar scent and voice, and also being held tightly like they were in the womb. this leads to a calmer, more settled baby and you being hands free.

when a baby is carried, their needs are easily met as visual cues are recognised sooner. try to resist cuddling and kissing your baby when they are on your chest - you can't! all this is promoting natural bonding behaviours between you and your baby which will help them develop self-esteem and give you confidence in your mothering ability.

babywearing can also fit into your lifestyle. it can save you from lugging a pram up stairs and onto public transport. it can give you the freedom to take your baby where you would never be able to go with the pram, like to the beach or up mountains. it also gives you the ability to be hands free to make important calls or hold the hands of young children.

postnatally, babywearing is ideal for gently encouraging your stomach muscles back together and improving posture. it improves core strength and distributes the weight of baby evenly across your body. carrying your baby is a great way to get out of the house and into the fresh air for some gentle exercise. this is a way to improve your mood and get baby off to sleep so you have some time to yourself.

developing a secure attachment to a primary caregiver is vital for your baby's development and can influence their confidence, self-esteem and relationships as adults. babywearing is a fantastic way of helping them feel securely attached and reassured that their needs will be met. this can encourage independence and an open, trusting relationship between you as they grow.


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